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Massage is an amazing tool to help people realign, relax and heal.  As therapists, we have the responsibility to continually grow and expand our knowledge and abilities to care for the people who grace us as clientele.  We have the responsibility to not only embody the clinical tools necessary to help people, but also the emotional well-being and intuitive tools to be present healers.


Who we are

Years ago I became increasingly aware of a void in training programs for therapists and healing programs for people. I embarked on the journey to bring spirit, presence, intuition and self-awareness not only to the massage profession, but also to anyone who desires an improved confidence and a more vibrant way of living life. By doing so, we as massage therapists, learn how to connect with our clients, friends, community, and ourselves on a deeper, more meaningful level. We learn how to be with others in a present and intuitive way, and we learn to be better communicators and listeners.

After 28 years as a massage therapist and thousands of continuing education training hours in a plethora of subjects, I found that Lomi Lomi is the tool that connects us more quickly on these levels. It elevates our careers and lives in ways I had never experienced. Because of this, Lomi Lomi has become my focus as a Massage Therapy Instructor.

In 2007, after many years of teaching, I met Lisa Norman at a Lomi Lomi workshop in California. During this workshop we both made an immediate and powerful connection with each other.  Our connection culminated one evening when we stayed up into the wee hours talking and sharing dreams and aspirations. A few months after that we tested our classroom chemistry together by teaching a small introductory class in Lomi Lomi.  It was more amazing than either of us hoped for! We both bring two different views of the same work into each class, based on our varying backgrounds. There is symmetry and flow that happens that is palpable for everyone involved.

After several years of flying back and forth between Austin and Fayetteville, we both started teaching introductory and 2 to 4 day Lomi Lomi workshops solo. We now get together twice each year. In July we teach our Advanced Lomi Lomi Training in Fayetteville, Arkansas, bringing together many of the students that have taken our individual classes, and delving deeper into the Art of Lomi Lomi. We also teach a very small shamanic workshop for those who desire to further their mastery of this work beyond the larger advanced workshops. We are in the process of also offering an advanced class in Austin Texas.

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