Life Coaching

fcoachWhat we perceive about ourselves determines how others see us and how we experience and see the world around us.

As an NLP Life Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I help people engage with themselves through their sensory systems in order to connect with coping mechanisms learned throughout a lifetime.  By doing so, we can dispel old limiting patterns of behavior in order to invite new light and opportunity into our being.  Much like the practices of Lomi Lomi, when we tap into the wisdom of our bodies and connect with how internal and external stimuli affect our lives, we can learn resourceful patterns of behavior and leave behind our old outdated coping mechanisms that no longer serve us.

Our successes in life begin with how we feel about ourselves.  Our effectiveness in our lives depends on the measure of truth that we allow ourselves to experience.  Unlike therapy, NLP exercises are designed to not only awaken yourself to your old habits and behaviors, but also give you tools for more resourceful ways of being, ultimately paving a road to enjoy more success and happiness in your career, personal relationships, and self-love.

  • Do you suffer from anxiety or a lack of confidence?
  • Are you entering a new stage of life and wonder what now?
  • Do you struggle with personal relationships?
  • Are you finding old ways of relating no longer effective in your relationships or business?

How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror?  Are you appreciative and joyful?  Colorful and fulfilled?   What do you say to yourself throughout your day?  Do you feel energized, light and vibrant?

When we focus and connect to the infinite wisdom in our bodies and learn how to listen to our hearts and intuition in powerful and vulnerable ways, we heal…and thrive.  We become more engaging and effective in our workplace and in every aspect of our lives.

I offer personal lifecoaching sessions and will soon be offering small workshops in the Fayetteville, AR area in body awareness, self-image, and untapping your full potential!