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Michele Austin and Lisa Norman met in 2007 at a Lomi Lomi workshop in California. Their powerful connection and love of Lomi Lomi led them to form a successful teaching partnership. They bring two different views of the same work into each class based on their varying backgrounds.   There is symmetry and flow that happens that is palpable for everyone involved.


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Michele Austin, MTI

NLP Master Practioner and Life Coach

I am a practicing New Way of Life Coach and transformational bodyworker in Fayetteville Arkansas. I started my career in Austin Texas in 1987, exploring Esalon style massage and teaching “Intuitive Touch’ classes to massage students. In 2003 I moved to Fayetteville AR and started a practice here.

I have 30 years of experience as a transformational bodyworker and Massage Therapy Instructor.  With over 25,000 hours experience in integrative somatic mind/body therapy.  Including extensive studies in Hawaiian traditions of Ho’ oponopono (the art of forgiveness), Lomi Lomi massage, Shamanic presence and journey work.  I am a NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hold certifications in Life Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching along with a Relationship Coach Certification and Strategic Intervention Certification.  I have extensive experience in Holistic body/mind and spiritual healing practices and I teach classes in Lomi Lomi, mindfulness and presence.

After 18 years as a massage therapist I started experiencing that all too familiar burnout until I stumbled on my first Lomi Lomi class in 2006. What an inspiration to my life! Since then I have gone on to teach Lomi Lomi and share this wonderful work. In 2010, I received my NLP master practitioner certification and have incorporated many of these coaching techniques and tools into my private sessions with clients and with students.

With a renewed passion I strive to bring a greater sense of presence, awareness and excellence to the healing arts by teaching therapists how to integrate their learned modalities with intuition, divinity, confidence, gratitude, fluidity and personal care.  I also offer A New Way of Life Coaching and transformational bodywork sessions in my private practice.

​ Besides Lomi Lomi my massage training includes: Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, healing touch, trigger point therapy, craniosacral, reiki, intuitive integration, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), relationship coaching, emotional intelligence, weight loss and nutritional care.

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Lisa Norman, LMT


I am a body, mind, spirit healer in the Lost Pines of Bastrop, Texas. My specialties are Deep Tissue CorrectiveMassage, Health Kinesiology, Brain Gym and Ke Ala Hoku, also called Lomi Lomi Nui.

After 7 years year of suffering a debilitating illness I began receiving energy work from a naturopath who within a year’s time restored me to full health and vitality. This was the great inspiration of my life to take up the healing arts.

In 1997 I began my studies in energetic healing and rolfing and soon after began massage therapy training in Austin, TX. Experiencing the power of energy work and the nurturing touch of massage I began my quest to find something that would embody these two passions. My search led me to Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. This powerful, ancient shamanic art completely transformed my life, work and path.

The past 10 years of my life have been devoted to the preservation, practice and sharing of Ke Ala Hoku. I have taught Lomi Lomi classes in England and throughout the United States. In addition to my private practice I am a Massage Therapy Instructor and CEU Provider in Texas and work in concert with Michele Austin teaching beginning and advanced Lomi Lomi classes and workshops.

Living and practicing the healing arts in the country gives me and my clients the opportunity to connect to the power of nature for healing, support, understanding and transformation. By shedding the past, clearly seeing ourselves, acknowledging our amazing facility as humans and aligning to the highest level of our being we become powerful, present and peaceful. This state of being radiates healing to our ancestral lineage, the world and our unified and unfolding future. Integrated into my practice and teaching are Personal Training, Yoga, Young Living Essential oils, Touch For Health, Guided Mediation, Journeying, Hypnosis, Applied Resonance Therapy and Intuitive Guidance. I currently live on a wildlife preserve in the Lost Pines with my husband who shares my love of nature, dogs, the equestrian arts and all things magical.

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